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Bundi is a charming tourist location of Rajasthan. Tourists from all over the world visit to Rajasthan to experience and explore its glory of the era of raja-maharaja. It is among the most famous tourist destinations of India where tourist attractions abundant. Bundi is a perfect tourist destination of Rajasthan which boasts of rich cultural legacy.

Bundi is an enchanting tourist destination situated the southern part of the state. This town is well known for its ornate forts, stunning palaces and beautifully carved step-wells.

The history of this amazing town dates back to the reign of Prithviraj Chauhan in 1193 AD. It is ideally hemmed in by the Aravali mountain range on three sides. This town is bordered by a huge wall with four gateposts at four corners. This town is also mentioned in the works of Rudyard Kipling.

Few of the well-known charms of Bundi are as follow:-

Here is some place to visit in Bundi :-

Taragarh Fort:

This magnificent fort was made in the 14th century. One does not need to pay any entry fee to enter this fort and also there are no remembrance shops within the complex which make it a serene place. There are two main attractions inside the fort- the Bhim Burj is a huge fortification with a canon placed on it and a huge reservoir carved out of a single piece of rock. The fort offers attractive views of the surroundings.

Bundi Palace:

Located next to the fort Bundi Palace is known for its lovely murals. Most of the walls of the palace are adorned with paintings. Some of the sections of the palace are open to visitors. If you wish to see all the areas of the palace you need to take special approval from the secretary of the Maharaja of Bundi. At night the palace is brightened with lights.


Baoris or step wells are among the major attractions of Bundi. There are around 50 step wells in Bundi but only a few of them have been maintained well. Some of the most famous stepwells are Raniji ki Baori , Nagar Sagar Kund, and Nawal Sagar. Among all Raniji ki Baori is a must-see attraction as it is beautifully carved. It was built by Rani Nathavatji in the year 1699. It is 46 meters deep.

Sukh Mahal:

It is an attractive mansion built on the banks of Sukh Sagar by maharaja Umed Singh. The white marble chhatri is one of the focus here. It once served host to the world famous writer Rudyard Kipling.

Eighty-four Pillared Cenotaphs:

It is a beautiful pavilion supported by 84 pillars. It is a two-storied structure built by Rao Anirudh Singh to honor the services of his nurse named Deva. The complex also houses a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva

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